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The Red Pill.....

Angels Don't Play This HAARP!

Advances In Tesla Technology

U. S. Government's Ground-Based "Star Wars" Weapon: High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program
Author Dr. Nick Begich, M.D.
Interviewed By Kenneth Burke


The U.S. Government has a new, ground-based "Star Wars" weapon which is being tested in the remote bush country of Alaska. This new system is intended to heat and lift a portion of the ionosphere above a selected location on the planet in order to make a huge invisible "mirror" for bouncing electromagnetic radiation back to the surface of Earth. Is it wise to poke a hole, as it will do, in Earth's electrical umbrella? Is it wise to prod a dynamic natural system without knowing how it will react? The U.S. Military claims HAARP is designed to communicate with submerged submarines and to penetrate the land with ELF (extremely low frequency) waves to search for hidden tunnels or other sites of military interest. What else can HAARP technology do? It can, according to author Nick Begich:

(1) shield a territory from interconnentinental ballistic missles,

(2) fry satellites,

(3) disrupt communications over a large area of the globe,

(4) change the chemical structure of the upper atmosphere and possibly alter the weather,

(5) affect human mental functioning, and

(6) generally impact the health of humans and other biological systems in negative ways.

This system may go fully on-line at any time, perhaps in March (1997), according to some reports. Do we, the taxpayers, deserve to know the facts about this powerful experimental weapons system that may impact us and our entire planet in negative ways? (Editor's note: this interview was published in our March/April, 1997 issue. On three occasions in 1997 Dr. Begich went to Europe to meet with environmental experts. He also gave numerous interviews and lectured to several hundred legislators and Parliamentarians representing more than 40 countries. His presentations were apparently well-received. His book, Angels Don't Play This HAARP, is now translated into German and Japanese and has been named one of the most important books of the year fir 1996. Dr. Begich recently said in a news release: "HAARP represents a small part of the hidden technologies being developed by military planners, and increasing reports in the media continue to confirm what we began to uncover several years ago." United States Secretary of Defense William Cohen apparently stated in a press briefing, while commenting on new technological threats possibly held by terrorist organizations:

"Others are engaging in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, (and) volcanoes remotely, using the use of electromagnetic waves." Dr Begich's news release adds:

"While the Secretary of Defense suggests this capability might be possessed by terrorist organizations, the U.S. military continues to deny that they also control such technology." Dr. Nick Begich and his organization Earthpulse Press may be contacted through email at drnick@alaska.net)

LE: Some people have not heard of HAARP. Can you give a "thumbnail sketch" of what this is all about?

Begich: Yes. HAARP is basically a project that's in a very infant stage here in Alaska. It's best characterized as a research project to develop a ground-based Star Wars weapons technology with a number of applications for the military. It's jointly run by the Navy and Air Force with some support, academic support, by the University of Alaska in Fairbanks. HAARP manipulates the ionosphere, which is a layer that is approximately 30 to 620 miles above the Earth's surface. It causes the ionosphere to modulate or vibrate, returning an ELF (an extremely low frequency signal) that penetrates the Earth's land masses and oceans for a number of uses, such as communicating with submarines at higher data rates than otherwise possible.

LE: How do you think HAARP could affect our health with these ELF waves?

Begich: When we look at ELF radiations coming back from the ionosphere, we know these waves can affect the living systems, including human beings. This is our primary concern. We're talking about the effects of these kinds of subtle energies on humans, such as on some forms of mental disruption in the human brain. This research was done originally at Yale University, but has been carried out in a number of other universities throughout the world. The other major health area of concern to us is ozone depletion. The ionosphere (which is a natural shield surrounding the Earth that filters out cosmic radiation, x-rays and particle streams which would make life on the planet virtually impossible if not filtered out), is the very area they are seeking to disturb, or as they say, "perturb," with these high energy experiments. It's our belief that, as they continue to increase power levels beyond their current levels, the health and safety risks become much greater and we start to enter into a regime with which no one has really experimented.

LE: We were talking with a scientist and he said that when the government exploded the first atomic bomb, they (the scientists) didn't know whether or not it would destroy the entire world because they had never exploded one. And, they didn't care. The government was determined to explode it anyway, regardless of the risk of destroying our whole civilization. Is this the situation with HAARP?

Begich: Yes. That's very true. The problem is that when you start manipulating systems which are so interwoven in this entire global system, you can't touch one part without affecting another.

I think we need to be more prudent and more cautious and less reckless in our science. When you look at the miliary track record concerning environmental sciences and the testing of weapons programs, whether it was the '40's, '50's and '60's in Nevada, where people were being irradiated; whether it was in Alaska, where they injected radioactive iodine in the Native American populations to see what would happen; or the number of other programs that we hear about from time to time, it is clear that we need a more cautious approach.

As an example of how the secrecy syndrome has evolved in the United States, I read a Washington Post article this summer which reported that 40% of the Air Force equipment budget is for black projects. These are the projects so secret that even the U.S. Congress doesn't know what they're funding.

LE: What are your main concerns about HAARP?

Begich: We're concerned about the effects on living organisms.

Another aspect is the project's potential to interfere with migration patterns of certain species. The effect on weather is another issue that concerns us. Also, HAARP has pulsed frequencies that trigger correlating frequencies in the human brain that can actually change the behavior of humans over a very broad geographic area! When radio frequencies are pulsed at the low end, say in the one to six Hertz range, people become very passive, relaxed and sluggish. On the opposite end, if the pulse rate was cranked up to between fifteen and thirty Hertz, people would be much more active, even agitated. Others would be really stressed, tense and intense with the people around them. Jose Delgado at Yale University demonstrated this using pulsed radio waves. He was able to move primates and humans from a state of lethargy, almost asleep, to the point of high agitation and anger, like turning on and off a light switch. That is a huge jump in technology. This is a big issue and should be a big issue!

The idea of influencing human behavior is so foundational to who we are and such a violation of who we are that, without proper public debate, I think we are making a huge mistake.

The other aspect of this is that as these weapons technologies develop, people will say, "Well, you know, the international community will get involved." Indeed, in this case, they have begun to do so. What many people don't realize is that many international agreements have provisions that exclude domestic use. As an example, the most recent chemical and biological weapons treaty ban agreed to by one hundred countries has one exemption. That exemption is that countries can continue to develop biological and chemical agents for domestic use provided that it is done for policing and/or riot control actions. In other words, weapons that the United States cannot use against its declared enemies could, in fact, be used, whether it is a gas or biological agent, against U.S. citizens! Almost every international agreement has similar provisions. In our book, Angels Don't Play This HAARP, paragraphs and pages are cited within those documents so readers can look this up for themselves. That's a scary realization! We also cite the actual policy that allows for use of this weaponry against the U.S. public by the Justice Department. Last year (1996) after our book was published, $22 million went into funding that transfer of technology from the Department of Defense to the Department of Justice. So, what the military can no longer do under international agreements, the U.S. Department of Justice can do and be totally in compliance, because our domestic law has not addressed the issue in the appropriate way.

LE: What are other things the HAARP technology can do?

Begich: Well, here we are (in 1997) about to launch into this technology, of which HAARP is but a small part of the overall theater of magnetic warfare. This concept needs public debate and discussion before we launch something that we may regret.

LE: Can you discuss positive uses of ELF waves? We only hear of negative ones usually.

Begich: There are some very good ones. I have friends in Europe (in fact we're publishing a book called The Electric Spark of Life) who developed a method of low frequency, but it is a pulsed electric current, for electro-acupuncture. They're also using a pulsed laser acupuncture method. They've treated thousands and thousands of people very successfully using these methods in Europe. Pulsed energy light and sound devices are used for brain wave entrainment for individuals. There are a number of technologies developed to improve natural human mental abilities, as well as to improve health. Like anything, the intent of the operator and the knowledge of the operator determine whether something is used for good or bad.

If we can shift our emphasis from "kill systems" to "living systems" using this knowledge, we can truly address some serious problems dealing with health conditions.

An application developed by Dr. Bernard Eastlund, the inventor of the original HAARP technology, is the combination HAARP technology with a fusion torch, which can be used for burning low-level radioactive waste and neutralizing that waste while producing energy from it. That's an interesting environmental technology. He thought about the HAARP technology being used for replenishing ozone in the upper atmosphere and for decreasing pollutants by accessing the resident frequencies that would generate and create chemical reactions in the upper atmosphere. Getting rid of air pollution by using this kind of system is an incredible application!

LE: Can this technology be used to program people to do things?

(Editor's note: We heard from what we consider a reliable source, about a report from the Soviet Union concerning a "device" being directed at workers in a school yard with instructions being mentally "sent" to them somehow, directing them to put down their tools, go to the school door and ask their supervisor if anything else was needed to be done that day. The workers, according to this report, did exactly that. We did not see the actual report, but we believe that the person who told us about it was in integrity)

Begich: In terms of causing specific information transfers, we don't think so. I say that because we don't know enough about where they are headed beyond today. Now, in terms of affecting overall behavior, that it can do. In terms of being able to direct it specifically, as we understand HAARP today, it can't be done. However, a smaller system, using the same basic technology, could very well do it. In fact, we know that there are tactical weapons systems which utilize pulsed microwaves. These were shown on 60 Minutes (in 1996) to affect behavior. Those smaller systems have been around for a long time and are even being discussed publicly in superficial ways. The concept of creating a point of high agitation within a population is very possible. As we see it, HAARP covers a bigger geographic area, and this entire area is subjected to the returning ELF frequencies. The energy densities are sufficient when it cranks up that it gets even more profound in its effect, and behavioral changes can happen. And you don't know it's happening. It's not some type of violation that happens as when a bullet pierces tissue. It's a violation that is much more subtle and difficult to put your finger on.

LE: Some years ago we saw a video of a man who had invented a weather control machine that he claimed could redirect the jet stream air currents in different ways at certain times, creating fluxuation in the weather. He offered his technology, he said, to the United States government and they weren't interested.

Begich: The reason the United States government probably told him they weren't interested was because they already had his technology! In China Lakes, the Navy operates a research facility. In the early 1970's the government ran four programs there. At the time the names were even classified. They have been declassified at this point I believe. They were called "Rainmaker I" and "Rainmaker II." These were utilizing electrostatics and other methods for manipulating weather patterns from 1971 to 1974. The Russians were experimenting at the same time. There was a Congressional investigation because of a huge power outage in Canada at that time and the suggestion that artificial weather modification might be responsible. Out of that period of time came the Weather Warfare Treaties in 1976. This tells us that the United States and Russia were starting to create problems that were not so easily reigned in. The treaties were strong enough so that everyone got scared and felt they ought to sign off on them.

Putting this into a modern context, take a look at how the Earth releases its energy. It releases it in a couple of different ways. If you look at earthquakes' density, intensity, depth and frequency, you can see a very clear pattern over the last thirty years of gradual increase and, now, a much more marked interest in the last five years. In conjunction with that, over the last thirty years, look at the changes in weather patterns globally, and you will see, again, a very pronounced curve, particularly in the last five or six years, not just in the United States but everywhere. In the midst of all of this, along the "acupuncture meridians" of the planet, we're about to release huge amounts of man-made energy with HAARP. Where is the straw that breaks the camel's back in all of this science? We don't really know but we may push the button to find out.

LE: Do you have any additional thoughts you'd care to share?

Begich: Yes. The most important thing that needs to be said in all of this is that "individuals still matter!" Make a difference by your inquiries to Congress. A handful of us brought this issue out initially, and I can say with knowledge, there is confidence, and, still, within this system (that we live in on planet Earth), the opportunity for creating change still exists. Take a position on the issue! Then, do something with it! Don't just sit around and let it roll around inside your head. Actually put it out there and do something with your knowledge!

HAARP is not the only system available for taking advantage of these new technologies. The military has developed smaller weapons systems for use in battlefield applications. These new weapons were disclosed in documents authored and compiled by the United States Air Force. The documents indicated that these weapons can be used for mind control, for inducing heart attacks, causing electronic failures and creating computer malfunctions. More recently, information about these new weapons has been revealed in International Red Cross documents and in other press reports. In a CBS 60 Minutes broadcast on February 11, 1996, a report on some of these new systems was shown. The CBS program discussed some of the effects of these new weapons which included disorientation and flu-like symptoms being caused.

This new classification of weapons has created some level of concern by military planners, to find a way to introduce these systems (into our society). The United States Army has developed a concept called the "Revolution In Military Affairs (RMA)" which begins to unfold the weapons introduction plan. What this document points out is that many of these weapons will operate in a way which is in conflict with American values! The document reveals that the Army acknowledges the conflict with American values and openly discusses the problem that this presents. The document then describes a number of ways to reshape those values so that these new weapons can be used! The basic problem, from my perspective, is that the U.S. Army's role in the American scene is not intended to shape and form public values. Rather, it is supposed to "reflect" American values. The idea that any branch of government should see their role as one of "setting" the national ethic (rather than reflecting it) is, in my opinion, wrong!