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Spirit of Ra "Spoonbenders Square" Message Board


Global Meditations and Group Consciousness

I  tried  the Spoonbenders Course...it works! 

You are invited to participate in a "Group" experiment (hosted by Spirit of Ra) intended to enable group practice with the Spoonbenders meditation technique.  Through February 9, 2003, those interested in participating will link together on a psychic basis (through conscious intent) for the purposes of developing/strengthening this meditation technique, and experiencing the power of "squaring"

If you are not registered for the Spoonbenders Course offered by James Twyman through his website,  but wish to participate...you are welcome to join us.  If you wish to take the Spoonbenders Course go to Emissary of Light and  click on the Spoonbenders registration link.

The Power of "Squaring"

Whenever 2 join together in mutual agreement, their energy is not merely doubled, but logarithmically increased. So when two people work together, if we say that each has 10 units of energy, their combined energy is not increased from 10 to 20, but 10 squared (or 10 x 10), so from 10 to 100. The 3rd person joining in raises the energy again to 10 cubed, or 1000, and the 4th steps it up to 10,000. So each of us is exceedingly important!

Daily meditation times are at 9:00AM and 9:00PM Pacific time.

In the case of Global Meditations, when a large group of people (say 100,000) come together and agree that they each individually choose to embody (Be) peace (or whatever)...their mutual yet individual choice creates a unified resonant field in support of their shared intent. If the resonant field holds sufficient charge, a quantum shift will SPONTANEOUSLY occur...meaning that others may spontaneously make an individual choice for peace. This is a simple matter of natural law and physics. NATURAL LAW DOES NOT SUPERCEDE FREE WILL OR FREE CHOICE.