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How Earth Changes Affect YOU

References to Awakening to Zero Point: The Collective Initiation (by Gregg Braden)

Earth Changes Archive

Elizabeth Elon Omera 

It seems that as our planet goes through changes in magnetics, and frequency, many people are feeling (and not understanding) the effects of the changes as our physical bodies attempt to tune to the changing frequency of the planet.  

Earth's predominant field of magnetics has a simple dipolar shape.  It is the rotation of earth around the molten inner core that generates an excess of electrons within crustal layers.  Following the laws of classical physics, a proportional field of magnetics is generated at right angles to the flow of electrons, yielding the shape of donut-like magnetic fields (measured as gauss).  These fields are a function of the rotation of earth around the iron core in general, and specifically the motion of the outer core relative to the inner core.  The more rapid the rotation, the greater intensity of the magnetic field.  So, the more rapidly earth rotates, the denser the fields of magnetism become.  Conversely, the slower the planet rotates, the less dense the fields of magnetism.  Measurements over the last 130 years indicate a decline in magnetics from 8.5x10 to the 25th gauss units to 8.0x10 to the 25th gauss units.  The lessening in the intensity of magnetics would seem to indicate a lessening of the rate of earth's rotation. Time is slowing down, or becoming more compressed.  Because time is becoming more compressed, we have the sense that everything is speeding up. It's a little like trying to take a sip of water from a fire-hose.

The second parameter of earth's shift is that of base resonant frequency, or the base pulse of earth.  Within a given period of time, earth pulses at a certain rhythm that may be measured as cycles per second.  These oscillations occur as a series of quick rhythmic pulses, usually too rapid for our bodies to acknowledge.  Our bodies do, however, detect these pulses through our brain centers and we are conditioned to average all of the signals together, perceiving them as a single continuous event. 

In recent years, the discovery of an atmospheric layer mirroring  zones of resonance was attributed to a scientist named W.O. Schumann for his work in the 1950's.  Approximately 50 years earlier these frequencies had already been discovered by Nikola Tesla during his research in 1899-1900.  Tesla's frequencies were based upon direct measurements of frequency introduced and propagated through the earth, rather than mirrored in the atmosphere.  Both Tesla and Schumann found that earth essentially functions as a massive planetary capacitor, storing and releasing electrical charge at specific intervals.  These pulses may be measured indirectly in our atmosphere within the Ionoshpere. 

Historically, both atmospheric and ground based points of resonance have been measured in cycles per second, or Hertz.   It seems that the Ionosphere is rapidly changing.  The factor that allows this layer of atmosphere to exhibit properties of wave propagation is a function of earth's magnetic fields.  As the magnetics decline, the Ionosphere responds. 

The Ionosphere's ability to hold and propagate frequency is declining and must be compensated for by boosting signals of transmission.  As atmosphere-based readings fluctuate between 7.8 and 9.0 Hz, independent researchers have reported shifts in earth-based frequencies toward a higher range.  Historically  the earth-based frequency was around 7.83 Hz, but now has apparently been measured between 8.6, up to 9.0 Hz. 

The net effect of earth's frequency upon biological life includes that all life within the envelope of earth's vibratory influence attempts to "match" base frequencies to that of the earth.  To this end, each cell of your body is shifting patterns of energy to achieve harmonic resonance to the reference signals of our planet.  To illustrate:  when 2 electronic devices (modules) are placed near one another, with one vibrating quicker than the second, the device of lower frequency will have a tendency to match, through resonance entrainment, that of the higher pitch.  This process is identical to that of the human energetic system (electrical in nature), which may be considered a device of composite frequencies reflecting individual cell and organ complexes.  This device, or module...our mind-spirit-body complex, when placed within the fields of another module (planetary or human) will have a tendency to move into resonance with the higher vibration. 

In the human energetic system, however, the process takes on an additional component:  the willingness of the conscious mind governing the body to adapt to the new range of vibration.  The primary tool of adaptation is life itself, complete with the bundle of emotion, attitudes, perceptions, fears and beliefs that provide the framework for the challenges of life.  One key factor in this process is the willingness of the individual to achieve balance within the energetic system using the tools of Choice and Free Will.  These are the tools used to release old patterns of belief, lifestyle or relationships and adapt to a new more balanced pattern.  

The net of all this is as each cell of our bodies seeks to match the rhythmic heartbeat...or frequency of  earth; moving into the resonant pattern of the higher tone, each life form, including human is attempting to map out a new rhythm or signature frequency.  It would be possible to entrain the cellular heartbeat of the physical body immediately, if it were not for the variables that provide resistance to the entrainment, such as belief systems.  To the degree that an individual clings to structures that do not fit into the new paradigm, to that degree the individual will likely encounter resistance to the entrainment of cellular frequency with planetary frequency.

The physical and emotional discomfort may be viewed from a more enlightened perspective if interpreted as successful progress in releasing, cleansing, and healing as part of the process of adapting to a higher frequency and consciousness.  Out with the old and in with the new! 

Recommended reading:  Awakening to Zero Point (Gregg Braden)