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There is a color code in everything    2 1 2 . 888   

By Amira Mah   Herbalchemy

The application of color manifests in many ways, on many levels simultaneously: colored gels with projections of magnified light that penetrate and stimulate the body's meridians which corresponds to traditional Asian acupuncture systems as well as accessing and incorporating the axiational lines (see Key 317 in The Keys of Enoch Hurtak 1977); colored lights applied to areas of the body (see Edwin Babbitt & Dinshah's documented work from India, 1878 onward); the use of colored lenses (prescription & nonprescription eyeware) which affect the body through the optic nerve, stimulating the retina rods using the reception and transmission of light frequency, adjusting neurotransmitter levels especially at night due to the varied levels of light penetration, and adjusting intake of light for various neurotransmitter functions including the pituitary and pineal gland functions; the use of the sun's rays and projections of color through 'glass' and other laser-like applications; colored light applied directly to the eyes (see Jacob Liberman's work & others); and the use of crystals or crystal rods with or without an exterior light source, that allows for the penetration of color into the body through the auric field, employing light via the points and channels or meridian grid fields of the acupuncture systems and also the star or axiational lines. Practitioners do vary in their applications of these modalities. Further use of color is made in the environment through the use of colored lights, paints applied to a room, color of carpeting, furniture, artwork, crystals, colored clothing, and so on, all varying to degrees throughout one's environment and world, all of which directly impact the body-mind-spirit through the biomagnetic (auric) fields and the senses

There is a color code in everything

Every cell in the body emits light and therefore its components, color. Thus color may be employed to adjust bodily functions using light on broad body areas and specific points. A beam of light is concentrated on the body, similar to acupuncture yet without needles, utilizing meridians & energy channels to uplift function & connectedness. This introduces corrective information energetics triggering harmonizing & healing impulses in physical & universal energy spheres. As the hypothalamus controls through the pituitary gland, bodily functions are influenced by light, energized by external light that is transformed into electrical impulses by optical photoreceptors. This light transmits instructions to the pituitary, which controls the endocrine system, which includes the pituitary, pineal, thyroid, thymus, adrenals, pancreas, ovaries or gonads-testes. The endocrine system carries information that regulates physical and chemical processes. The autonomic nervous system governs all involuntary processes of the heart and is ruled by the hypothalamus. It also regulates body temperature, appetite, growth, metabolism, rage, fear, sexual and reproductive functions, and available fuels such as glucose and ATP.

The pineal gland is strongly related to light in that the body’s built-in light meter responds to light levels by producing melatonin, which determines circadian or metabolic rhythm. Known as the third eye and linked next to the sahasrara or crown chakra on the top of the head, the pineal is a mystic doorway, an entry point for the life-giving light energy emanating from the universal soul or Overself. Mystical color application involves the integrative knowledge of seven circular ‘switching stations’ on the skin called ‘transmitter relays’. One relay governs the immune system, another the survival and sexual drives, and four others involve ‘the spirit within the cells’. A seventh, the relay of memory, is what some name ‘the Akashic record.’ Every change, every instant of our lives is recorded. The life program is the incarnational (Overself) blueprint, inscribed at the moment of conception, with the information it carries activated by birth. Decompression of this information from the seven switching stations and meridians connected to them unfolds throughout our lives. This relates to the seven light shells. The healing power of color is enhanced in these systems by the sensitivity of the individual client and practitioner and empowered through faith and grace. The impulse of color from the within to the without and vice-versa becomes apparent as changes in symptoms and enhanced awareness.

In addition to the points and meridians, the body is further aligned in its axiational lines, as referred to Keys of Enoch 3 1 7. Axial lines exist in parallel to acupuncture lines in the physical body and connect to indigenous resonating star systems and populations 888 The body is a grid of magnetic domains which move between the pattern angles of the human organs and the primary blueprint of the Overself. The body’s renewing functions are controlled through open-ended axial lines that are controlled by biochemical clocks, in turn controlled by electromagnetic resonance factors. All lines may be aligned through the noise temperature calibrations which includes the therapeutic use of color, light and light frequencies, magnetics, and the pairing of color and tonal frequencies. The application of appropriate sonic and ultrasonic frequencies effectively generates light and therefore biochemical re-generation. Color is effectively employed via the optic nerve.

Relationships exist between light frequencies incident into the eyes and the functioning of the pituitary; between light and the rate of growth of cells and tissues and cell division rates, and an individual’s physical development; between light frequency in the eyes and the mass body potential; between the light environment and the development of the biotype, modifying the hereditary tendency, and the secretion of hormones by the endocrine gland with the pituitary as the master gland; between light frequency and the action currents leaving the eye toward the brain, these currents being both qualitatively and quantitatively altered; between the reproductive cycle and the light frequency environment, a quantitative one in respect to the number of individuals of any species; between the light frequency environment and the dynamic tension present between the two divisions of the autonomic nervous systems, and the restoration of health following departures from mean responses; between light frequency into the eye and the degree of nerve cell irritability thus modifying reflexes, and bodily health; between nerve impulses from the eye, due to incident light frequency and the state of tension in the autonomic nervous system, muscle response, and the perception of pain.

HH XIV Dalai Lama

Each color's specific frequency corresponds to a specific aspect of a person which changes over time. Color helps the body in its natural ability to balance itself, used for centuries especially in Asia and Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu, and Alatia. Color supplies the light energy that supports our very life essence. Color therapy sessions can stimulate the points of light and meridian grid fields to facilitate the migration of light within the body's own galactic realms. Internal processes readjust hormonal activity through the light alteration via the eyes also as the optic nerve converts light and into electricity which then traverse the meridians and nervous systems to direct bodily functioning. Color causes cellular and hormonal changes to occur, thus bringing the cells into synchronization or balance. With color, some may also utilise nutrition, herbs, prayer, mantra, yoga, and meditative practices. The incorporation of Tibetan medical traditions and mysticism remains paramount in our approach.

Everything is Mathematical 888

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